Ottery taking part in the C40 Reinventing Cities Programme

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Planet earth is all we have as a species. This is why it is vitally important for cities worldwide to consistently be thinking of sustainability in various forms and measures, with the final goal being to implement these measures. As a result, turning these ideas into action. Carbon emissions are becoming increasingly hazardous worldwide, therefore, humans have started to take note of the grave effect they are having on the environment, which includes dwindling air quality and global warming.

"South Africa is the 13th largest emitting country based on 2008 fossil-fuel CO2 emissions and the largest emitting country on the continent of Africa. With a domestic economy powered by coal, South Africa has experienced a seven-fold increase in fossil-fuel CO2 emissions since 1950, with 80-90% of emissions from coal. For 2008, 85% of South Africa's fossil-fuel CO2 emissions of 119 million metric tons of carbon were from coal, another 11.6% were from oil consumption, and the remainder was from cement manufacture and natural gas and coke-oven gas consumption." -

According to a waste management company called Averda, Cape Town is currently competing in a competition called the C40 Reinventing Cities Programme. How the project works is that areas are targeted and stakeholders and members of the public are invited to put forth their ideas and possible solutions to the growing problem of carbon emissions.

"Five sites for carbon-neutral development have been identified in Cape Town by the local government and proposals are being accepted from innovative architects, environmentalists, designers and developers. These underused city-owned spaces will be transformed into zero carbon emission developments".-

One of these areas that have been earmarked is the region known as Ottery situated in the Southern Suburbs of the mother city.

"Ottery - a 480,000sqm plot that stands at the corner of Ottery Road and Old Strandfontein Road in Ottery. The plot is open and undeveloped, perfect for medium - to high - density urban development projects". -

The area is also becoming popular for other reasons and one of them being for industrial operations. This has prompted leading industrial property companies to show a keen interest in the expanse. One such company who has seen this already is the highly regarded industrial property brokerage API Property Group. The company has a massive assortment of available industrial property for rent throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape including 3 sites in Ottery. They currently have 139 industrial properties available in the city of Cape Town alone. This is one of the most extensive ranges of factories and warehouses in the entire Western Cape region.

It would seem the future is looking bright for the suburb of Ottery in the Western Cape of South Africa. The environment is of utmost importance for the future of the city of Cape Town, especially after the recent drought and water crisis. Besides for these vitally important projects taking place such as the C40 Reinventing Cities Programme, it's also becoming one of the Western Cape's most desirable locations in terms of industry. Why not be apart of this with one of the best companies around in terms of industrial real estate, API Property Group. They have the experience and passion to make sure no stone is left unturned in your pursuit to find the perfect warehouse or factory. Get on the phone today and let one of their highly skilled brokers or property specialists do all the hard work for you. It really is that easy with API Property Group.

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