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Hennopspark - ideally situated close to Centurion, is one of the older and more established suburbs in the area. It is known for its lush gardens and plentiful trees, however, in recent years its commercial and industrial market has seen substantial and expansive growth. Developers and investors alike have become increasingly interested in the area and its capabilities for business.

This can be easily attributed to the unique qualities and traits the area has to offer to those who are searching for a lifestyle as well as a practical market for trade.

Arnold Pretorius, Director at API Property Group says, "We have long looked at Hennopspark as a viable market for commercial real estate. It has surprised most people in its potential, and yet has proved fruitful to those who have decided to form and create a base there."

The area is diverse in appearance and is able to cater to individual needs. Here are a few facts of Hennopspark worth noting:

  1. Being located within the 12th biggest city in Gauteng, commercial and industrial development has become a key focus, attributed to the ample space and land potential within with territory. It is evident that in the past few years there have been several big projects on the go, one being the Rockfield's Precinct - set for completion in 2020.
  2. Centurion as a whole has over time become the 'lifestyle of choice' and Hennopspark has adopted some of these characteristics. The commercial mixed-use properties are made to promote a balance within industrial parks, affording tenants the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while spending time in the office. This unique attribute is what sets this area apart from other locations of its nature, as it promotes increased productivity and access to a comfortable lifestyle.
  3. In saying this - Hennopspark attracts a diverse population. Not only is it a hot spot for development, but it is also the home of many families which have occupied the area for generations. This helps in bridging the gap between the businesses that rent in the area and their target markets.
  4. Hennopspark is one of Gauteng's best located expanses for commercial and industrial development. It is located close to the main highways which allows or easy access to anyone travelling into or exiting the area.
  5. Is has over time, become the forefront of innovation, attracting diverse entrepreneurship, artisans, and factory owners - which in turn creates jobs and contributes positively to the GDP and greater economy of South Africa.

A lucrative location? We would tend to agree. Hennopspark is fast becoming a competitive location for commercial and industrial markets. Not only in its land potential but in short for its demographic, lifestyle and ideal location.

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Author: API Property Group

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