Why Cape Town's Blackheath Could Be The Right Choice For Your Business

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There are so many factors that go into deciding on the best possible operational base for various types of industries. You want to be near key infrastructure. Location is pivotal and sometimes the city will also play a huge deciding factor in achieving the success you desire. Operating out of a world-class critically acclaimed city is optimal in enabling your industrial business to be given the best possible chance of becoming a market leader. Who leads the way in terms of world-class services, products and credibility. You might not think the location is that important, however, it could very well be the game changer for the success of your factory or warehouse. Blackheath situated not far from the epicentre of Cape Town is becoming a popular industrial node for these exact reasons. Below are 5 game changers, and why we think you should move your next industrial operation there. 

Easy access for larger vehicles

Due to the fact that Blackheath is a slighter newer industrial area, factories and warehouses are generally built with the additional feature of being slightly larger, with suitable access points for larger size vehicles. This is a fantastic feature for slighter larger size industrial operations where abnormally sized equipment may be needed. 

Close to the leading Cape Town International Airport 

Being near clinically important infrastructure such as an airport or port is a massive bonus for any industrial operation both big or small. Blackheath being so well positioned to the Cape Town International Airport makes it highly desirable. This is why so many are looking to the area for industrial reasons.

Trustworthy brokers and reputable companies 

Another factor about choosing the perfect warehouse or factory is going with the right company. Blackheath has various top-end industrial property companies which operate out of the Blackheath and greater Western Cape region. One such company is the leading industrial brokerage API Property Group. The reputable company currently has 34 listed properties available for rent in the Blackheath industrial node, which vary in size and price to suit anyone's budget or needs. 

Close to pivotal road-links

The whole of the Western Cape is blessed with some of the countries best roads and highways, and Blackheath is conveniently situated within close proximity to these road-links. This is an undeniably important factor when delivering certain heavier goods. Another hugely critical attribute why so many are choosing Blackheath. 

Close to transport infrastructure and residential areas

Another reason why Blackheath is coming to mind is for the fact that its also within close proximity to various main transportation facilities such as the Metrorail Train service. It's also close to prominent residential suburbs so commuting is generally easier than other parts of Cape Town. 

Choosing the perfect factory or warehouse space can be an onerous task, where a lot of careful consideration and planning needs to be taken into account. Certain areas are particularly sought after for particular reasons. Blackheath is one such area conveniently situated near the Cape Town International Airport. There are so many reasons why this location is becoming one of the most regarded in the whole of the Western Cape. Be a part of it, with leading industrial property brokers, API Property Group. It's their pleasure to do all the hard work for you. Get on the phone today and find the perfect industrial area, first time around. There really isn't a company with more credibility in the game, than API Property Group. Go with the best, go with API Property Group, you cannot fail. 

Author: API Property Group

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