5 Reasons why Ndabeni is a great industrial node

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The industrial location named Ndabeni in Cape Town is becoming more and more desirable for so many reasons. This has prompted a surge of industrial based companies to want to invest in the area. The geographical compactness of Cape Town makes Ndabeni also one of the most conveniently situated precincts in the mother city, below are reasons why having your operational base in Ndabeni, might be the best decision you make.

Well situated to all major distribution points

Having easy access to all the major distribution points around the city is ideal for any industrial business. This is another reason why so many are hoping to move their operation to Ndabeni, it neighbours other formidable commercial and industrial areas such as Woodstock and Salt River and is only 12 km away from the Cape Town harbour. This makes delivery of goods and services a breeze when based in Ndabeni.

Well located to fantastic residential areas

Ndabeni is also well located to all of the best suburban locations around the city, so people who work in this particular industrial area have numerous options for great residential lodgings which aren't too far from places of work. This means that employees generally have a higher quality of life as it generally takes less time commuting to and from Ndabeni then from other more remote industrial locations just outside of Cape Town.

World-class roads and infrastructure

Ndabeni is well connected to some of Cape Town's best roads and infrastructure and factories and warehouses in this industrial suburb, generally make allowance for larger delivery vehicles. This is another factor which is making Ndabeni highly desirable. This makes day to day operations far easier.

Close to all major landmarks and facilities

Ndabeni is also well located to all of the major, commercial, industrial and recreational landmarks of the city, including The Cape Town International Airport, The Civic Centre and Table Mountain. This makes accessibility one of the leading attributes of Ndabeni.

Great transportation links

Another reason why so many industrial operations are choosing Ndabeni is for the fact that it's close to some of the transportation hubs of the city. This makes access to and from the region easy as there are various options in terms of buses, trains and minivan taxis with either municipal bus companies or the Metro Rail Train service. The MyCiti municipal bus service also has a service which runs near Ndabeni and there is an abundance of bus and train stations scattered around the perimeters of the industrial node.

Ndabeni has a lot to offer this is why the area is growing in leaps and bounds, in turn becoming one of Cape Town's most spoken of, up and coming industrial precincts. This has prompted a plethora of industrial property brokerages investing in the vicinity. One of these brokerages is API Property Group, who for many years has been one of the leading industrial property agencies in South Africa. They currently have 6 available properties for rent in the Ndabeni location which all range in price and size to suit anyone's budget or operational requirements. Get on the phone now, a highly skilled property specialist or broker is waiting to take your call and make sure every angle is covered in finding the perfect factory or warehouse. There is no time like the present, don't delay, go with the best in the industrial property game go with API Property Group.

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