Woodstock: A Rich History and Bright Future

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Woodstock - Cape Town's oldest suburb, started out as a fishing hamlet in the mid-1800s. Over the years, Woodstock formed its identity as one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the country, a rich melting pot of cultures and religions living in a cohesive community.

Adding to its commerce and industry development, the energy of this suburb can be described as progressive, edgy, and evolving. In recent years hipster cafes, veggie eateries, galleries, and murals demonstrated on the outside walls of old factories have shaped and moulded a new look and feel for the suburb. It now hosts some of the best restaurants in the province. Names like: The Test Kitchen which was ranked 48TH in a list of the world's best restaurants, The Taproom and The Neighbourgoods Market may be familiar

The type of people the city attracts is also part of the reason why it has revolutionised its appeal. This new hip and happening generation of people have entered Woodstock and set up alternative businesses, created creative spaces for art, music, food and design.

Woodstock has an incredible mix of cultures which when combined make the neighbourhood a vibrant, bustling blend of food, fashion, arts, and design. It is a place to be seen and heard, favoured by locals for good reason: Strolling through the city, you will come across the renovated Old Biscuit Mill which is home to cool design stores and hosts the weekly Neighbourgoods Market, with street food stalls, African handicrafts and designer fashion. On nearby streets, quirky shops sell vintage fashion, upcycled furniture and antiques, making Woodstock not only a suburb that has made its footprint in the history books but, is also one of the hippest areas in Cape Town.

We are even seeing this trend filter into the kind of office space that is in demand in Woodstock. These offices do not fit into a traditional layout but are mostly large open spaces, which have a definite loft and a laid back, trendy feel to them.

How does Woodstock blend its industrial nodes with its hipster vibe?

Nostalgically known as a place where you would go to purchase paint, linen or a few building tools, is now known as the place to go for exquisite craft beer, or perhaps shop a few vintage items. Here are five reasons how Woodstock does it all:

  1. What works to its advantage is that it is a relatively safe suburb and can simultaneously host a booming industrial CBD while providing life's little pleasures to the people of the city.
  2. The city also makes optimal use of its landspace. For example: situated between a highway and autistic school is a Peace Garden, which embraces the fauna and flora of the country and this can be found in the centre of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  3. Woodstock offers almost everything you would need from a rich history, food and art to trendy businesses, all blending blissfully and easily in between the roads, parks and walkways of the city.
  4. People are attracted to Woodstock because it is gritty, unique and always developing. Anyone who wants to erect businesses or rent office space, can operate and live in an area able to offer a unique blend of business or lifestyle.
  5. From the beginning, Woodstock in its various iterations has been a mixed community, both from a race and a religious point of view, a place where white, black and mixed race people, Jews, Christians and Muslims lived harmoniously side-by-side. Unlike District Six, its equally multi-racial neighbour which was flattened by bulldozers in the mid-1970s, Woodstock remained untouched and survived forced removal under apartheid rule.

According to The Guardian: "The redevelopment of Woodstock is a good thing and buying property here is a good investment, but it will take a few years before the area really becomes something. Woodstock is certainly changing, and so is the property market within the city, more businesses are being planted, more hotels being erected, more tourists being interested in the area and more investment being made in the city.

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